Mass Graves Found In Ukraine

( Officials in Ukraine said on Thursday that they had discovered two mass graves containing civilian dead in a town in the Bucha region, where Russian soldiers were said to have slaughtered hundreds of people.

Kyiv Region Police said on its social media accounts that two mass graves containing the death of nine individuals, including a 15-year-old young girl, had been found in the region, which is not far from the Ukrainian city of Kyiv.

The corpse of the adolescent girl was interred in the first grave, beside the graves of two Ukrainian soldiers who were 35 years old at the time. In the second, authorities discovered the remains of six people—four men and two women, all of whom were recognized as residents—who had been shot and killed.

The burial locations were investigated by Andriy Nebytov, the chief of the Kyiv Region Police, as well as forensic specialists and detectives.

In his statement, Nebytov said that there were signs that some of the victims had been tortured. He also claimed that Russian military soldiers intentionally shot and killed people who showed no resistance and constituted no danger.

The remains of all the victims have been sent to morgues in the Kyiv area for additional inspection, according to the police, who also said that the bodies of those who have been recognized would be given over to their families for burial.

The Kyiv Region Police said that it would continue to investigate the horrible atrocities committed by the occupiers.

Earlier this month, the mayor of Bucha said that authorities had identified 163 locals who had been reportedly slain by Russian forces—roughly half of the total number of people who Ukrainian officials claim had been discovered dead.

Bucha Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk said that residents of his village were shamelessly murdered and mercilessly tortured by the Russians.

He said they are finding more and more remains of the deceased in diverse places of the city—in vegetable gardens, park areas, and playgrounds.

The Kremlin has categorically refuted any allegations that it perpetrated crimes in Bucha. It has accused Ukraine of faking the deaths as part of a campaign to justify harsher sanctions against the Russian Federation.