Mark Zuckerberg Style Elections Officially Banned

( It looks like next election time, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg won’t be able to use his money and influence to influence the results…at least, in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin State Senate recently passed a new bill banning private companies from financing elections, a move that comes in response to Facebook’s biased and unfair funding of election procedures in the state that focused heavily on Democrat areas.

Before the 2020 election, Zuckerberg was revealed to be spending huge sums of Facebook money in Democrat districts, encouraging Biden voters to turn out. The move was described as an effort to encourage people to take part in the Democratic process, but significantly less money was spent on encouraging people in Republican areas to turn out and vote for President Donald Trump.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley also revealed last year how Facebook had an extreme bias towards the Democrats, with employees from the Big Tech company and five other large firms in Silicon Valley donating around $5 million to the Biden-Harris campaign, and only $239,000 to the Trump-Pence campaign.

According to Wisconsin’s new Senate Bill SB 207, private funding of elections will be banned, presuming Democratic Governor Tony Evers doesn’t veto it.

Specifically, the bill will prohibit local governments from accepting private money or soliciting private money to assist with the cost of administering local and national elections.

Facebook’s funding of the last election is no secret, and it’s something the left-wing press has lauded as having “saved” the 2020 election. NPR claimed that the $350 million donated by Facebook CEO Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, allowed the election to happen, quoting Bill Turner, the acting director of voter services in Pennsylvania’s Chester County, who said he didn’t know what they would have done without the funds.

Remember the days when elections went ahead…before Big Tech even existed?