Mark Meadows Says Trump Was The Real Winner On Election Night

( Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows dubbed Donald Trump the “ultimate victor” of Tuesday’s primaries, praising his “magic” endorsements as many Trump-backed candidates won. It was especially magical in Pennsylvania, where McCormick outspent Dr. Oz by a factor of 2-1, yet Oz, Trump’s pick, is on the precipice of a win.

Meadows stated that one thing is sure, Donald Trump’s endorsements are magic because he was contacted by two different candidates asking how they could get Donald Trump’s approval.

Donald Trump is demonstrating his political muscle in this year’s Republican primaries. By lending support to candidates he favors in races for both the state legislature and the House of Representatives, Trump believes he is demonstrating that he can still shape the Republican Party. Wins are the most critical factor in determining whether or not he will run for president again in 2024.

Donald Trump has said he’s the king of endorsements. However, the strategy behind his seemingly haphazard blessings could be risky. Although many of his choices are incumbents that are anticipated to have a smooth path to reelection, he has also weighed in on contentious primaries that have shed light on divisions within the Republican Party.

Almost all of Trump’s endorsees have been victorious in primary elections. The agribusiness executive Charles Herbster, who has been accused of sexually assaulting multiple women, did not win the nomination for governor of Nebraska, marking the first defeat for Trump in the midterm elections. Herbster was running for governor of Nebraska. Rep. Madison Cawthorn (N.C.), who was just elected to Congress for the first time, had the support of a former president, but it was not enough to prevent him from being defeated by a widespread effort on the part of Republicans. And the candidate that Trump backed to become governor of Idaho, Janice McGeachin, was defeated by the incumbent, Brad Little.

The races provide a real-time test to determine whether or not Trump’s influence on Republican voters diminishes nearly two years after he was unsuccessful in his bid for the presidency.