Mark Levin Humiliates Mitt Romney

( During an episode of “LevinTV,” host Mark Levin tore into failed presidential candidate and current Utah Senator Mitt Romney, claiming that he likely learned his traitorous ways from his father, the former Governor of Michigan George W. Romney.

Levin, a firebrand conservative TV host, described how Romney’s father allegedly worked with left-leaning Republicans to undermine Barry Goldwater’s political campaign – a campaign that could have welcomed in an era of libertarian Republicanism.

The TV host also noted how Mitt Romney lied when he claimed that he has been a Republican all of his life, proving how he claimed to be independent during the Reagan-Bush era when he was campaigning to become the Governor of Massachusetts in 1994.

Levin was specifically referencing how Romney was completely humiliated during a speech on Saturday to the Utah Republican Party, where Republicans booed and heckled the controversial so-called “Republican.”

Romney was slammed by attendees as a “communist,” prompting him to respond, “You can boo all you like…I’ve been a Republican all my life.”

Which he hasn’t.

“My dad was the governor of Michigan and I was the Republican nominee for president in 2012,” he added.

Times have certainly changed since 2012.

Watch the clip below and listen to the sea of boos and heckles. It’s totally overwhelming, and Romney could barely keep it together…and it took an organizer to come up and save him for people to give him a brief chance to speak.

Maybe he doesn’t belong in this party any more.

During the same event, the Utah Republican Party also voted on a resolution to censure Romney over his vote to convict Trump in the second failed impeachment trials – though he miraculously escaped the official censure by just a handful of votes. Attendees voted 798 to 711 against censuring him.

And if all of that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Levin’s show dragged Romney some more for completely betraying his voters.

Maybe Romney will run on Liz Cheneys’ ticket for 2024…