Marjorie Taylor Greene Targeted For Standing Up For Free Speech

( After being stripped of her committee assignments in February following Democrat claims that she pushed “conspiracy theories,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of George is now facing the very real possibility of being removed from the House of Representatives Republican conference completely over comments she made recently about ongoing COVID-19 mask mandates.

Republican Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger slammed Rep. Greene for the comments, in which she appeared to compare mask mandates with the Holocaust, and said that she should be removed from her position entirely.

During a Politico Live event, Kinzinger said that while it’s not possible to stop somebody calling themselves a Republican, it is possible to “take a stand” and tell her “you don’t belong in our conference.”

“That’s what I think we should do,” he said, adding that Republicans should kick her out of the conference and stop her from attending Republican meetings and accessing conference materials.

But Rep. Greene has challenged claims that her comments were insensitive. On Twitter on Tuesday, Greene noted how vaccinated employees in some establishments are given vaccination logos to wear and compared it to how Nazis forced Jewish people to wear a gold star.

The comments were criticized by Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Republic Minority Whip Steve Scalise.

McCarthy said that Greene is “wrong” and that her intentional decision to compare the two things was “appalling.”

Whether or not you support Rep. Taylor Greene, the calls for her removal from the party are bound to spark a debate over how Republicans deal with elected officials who don’t toe the party line entirely. It may also pose problems for supporters of Rep. Taylor Greene who would no doubt like to see anti-Trump Republicans removed from the party.

Rep. Greene faces an uphill battle to win the Republican nomination for her seat in 2022.