Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Speaking Malfunction On Camera

( In the past, politics was considered a domain reserved exclusively for highly educated individuals, many of whom were Rhodes Scholars or graduates of Ivy League colleges and law schools. People who were unable to slog through the often mind-numbingly dry regulations and laws that protected this country from being invaded by Germany or Russia were weeded out.

Even as late as 2012, politics still had a fragrance of dignity, with candidates providing (usually) clever, witty, and respectful speeches. This was especially true during the presidential election.

Supporters of Mitt Romney don’t usually harass on Twitter or make death threats.

But recently, being a bully is now more critical to many voters in the United States.

It is very repugnant that America and its leaders attempt to communicate on a lower intellectual level. Take a look at our current Congress with members like AOC, Maxine Waters, Ilhan Omar, and the nearly braindead Hank Johnson, who are lowering the average IQ of the entire Congress.

But the person who is the most ignorant of all, according to the left, is Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is known as the Queen of the Crazy QAnons.

Despite the fact that thousands of people on Twitter have tried to remind her of many facts, she is unable to remember any of them. That also includes how to spell.

But this is common among politicians on both sides of the aisle. Obama was a terrible speller and famously pronounced corpsmen as corpse men. He also did not know the difference between advice and advise.

Greene posted the phrase “title wave.” She has actually earned a degree from college.

But as Biden has proven, his college degree hasn’t prevented him from making some of the most embarrassing blunders of any president. The left has continually denied he has dementia, which leaves the only explanation for his actions.

He’s dumb.