Marco Rubio Hears Testimony About Chinese Plot On American Soil

( Last week the Senate Intelligence Committee began public hearings on possible counter-intelligence threats posed by China and the Chinese Communist Party. Several witnesses were called to testify on China’s activity within the United States to acquire US technology and intellectual property, along with its cyberattacks against US networks and its propaganda operations to craft narratives to paint both China and the CCP in a more favorable light.

In opening the hearing, Democrat Intel Chair Mark Warner was quick to make a distinction between the Chinese people and the Chinese government – no doubt part of the Democrats’ ongoing exercise in political correctness to avoid being accused of “racism” for highlighting China’s history of aggression against the US.

During last Wednesday’s hearing, Senator Marco Rubio questioned security officials about China’s use of propaganda and how it is deployed to shape public opinion in the United States. A number of intel officials in the hearing described how China spreads false information and conducts propaganda operations on social media to advance its interests.

Rubio also cited that in 2020 alone, China stole between $300 and $600 billion worth of American technology and intellectual property.

Watch a brief clip of Rubio’s statement on how China has weaponized America’s openness, decency and corporate lust for profits.

One official who testified before the Intel Committee was Matthew Pottinger, the deputy national security advisor under the Trump administration. Pottinger sounded the alarm about Beijing assembling dossiers on millions of foreign citizens around the world by using material it gathers by penetrating digital networks worldwide.

Pottinger testified that the CCP uses these dossiers to “influence and intimidate, reward and blackmail, flatter and humiliate, divide and conquer.” In his testimony, Pottinger made the surprising claim that Beijing has managed to steal enough sensitive data to build a dossier on every American adult – not to mention many American children.

Pottinger also explained that over the past several years, Beijing has exploited US social media platforms with both overt and covert propaganda which is then amplified by proxies and bots. The focus of this propaganda is not only to promote the preferred CCP narrative, but to also amplify and exacerbate social tensions both within the US and other targeted nations.

Pottinger told the Intel Committee that the US must stop funding technologies in China, such as facial recognition and data mining, since Beijing uses those technologies to advance its surveillance.