Marco Rubio Drops Disturbing Update On Nancy Pelosi’s Key Ally

( In a press conference on Monday, Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio reminded voters how his Senate challenger, Rep. Val Demings, has voted with far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “100% of the time.”

Rubio described how the left-wing Florida representatives had been “hand-picked” to help radical Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer pass extremist legislation in the Senate. He said that Schumer is counting on Demings to continue her unwavering loyalty to the party by siding with Schumer on every vote in the future.

“And that will dramatically change not just our country but our federal government in ways that might be irreversible,” he said.

He’s right, too. If the Democrats were somehow able to maintain control of the Senate in this year’s midterm elections, and increase their majority by just one or two, they would have a simple majority in the chamber and could potentially pass extremely damaging legislation through the Budget Reconciliation process.

Under the process, bills can be passed so long as they are directly related to passing a budget, with only a simple majority vote. It is an easy way to bypass the 60-vote threshold of the filibuster.

Rubio made this point, and said that with the Senate already so divided, it only takes flipping one seat from Republican to Democrat to give President Joe Biden the chance to pass his entire, extreme agenda. That includes “Build Back Better,” and the so-called “voting rights” legislation that was just blocked thanks to the honesty and bravery of moderate Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

In the same press conference, Rubio endorsed 55 Florida sheriffs going up for elections, and slammed Demings for her advocacy of punishing and defunding the police despite her 27 years working in law enforcement.

When he says Demings is hand-picked by Democrats for her loyalty, he isn’t lying.