Manhunt Underway For Istanbul Suspect Who Stabbed 11

A manhunt is now being conducted in Istanbul after a knifeman went on a stabbing spree, attacking his innocent victims randomly as they were strolling along the street.

During his victimizing on the streets of Esenyurt, east of Istanbul, the maniacal perpetrator, who has not been named, selected his prey one by one.

In the course of the rampage, at least eleven persons, including a small child, were injured. The dangerous, deranged knife-wielding man is still on the loose.

In the disturbing video captured by security cameras, the offender can be seen wandering about the streets while brandishing a knife and then randomly slicing persons who are passing by at various times during the day.

One portion of the video shows the knifeman walking past a business before suddenly stopping and turning around to assault one of his victims.

The footage illustrates the knifeman’s aggression. After he slashes, he may be seen sprinting along a road while brave locals run after him and try to catch him.

The knifeman allegedly started his assault at ten o’clock in the morning, and so far, he has been able to avoid capture.  Mehmut Ustel claims that he was stabbed at around 1:30 in the afternoon local time. He said he saw the man and the knife, but it seemed like he was joking. Then he stabbed him in the leg and walked away,

According to Hasan Karaca, her daughter, Çiğdem, suffered injuries to her leg after being stabbed by the crazed man. According to Karaca, he stabbed her and tried to pull her bag. She said she was able to save her child thanks to the merchants who were there in the market.

Eleven individuals have been transported to the Esenyurt Necmi Kadıoğlu State Hospital.

According to the statements made by the medical specialists, their injuries are not deemed to be life-threatening.