Man Who Lost Supreme Court Seat Bailed On Trump Before Giant Defeat

On Tuesday, George Soros-backed candidate Janet Protasiewicz won her battle for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court by 14 points against Daniel Kelly. Kelly tried to distance himself from Trump throughout his campaign, learning nothing from Ron Johnson, who secured victory in Wisconsin In 2022.  Johnson, a supporter of the Maga movement in Wisconsin, was able to keep his seat in the U.S. Senate.

On March 29, when Daniel Kelly lost his bid for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, he was asked by NBC News if he would accept an endorsement from Donald Trump. 

Kelly said, “We’re not seeking one.” “We’d have to look at it and see what message that would be sending.”

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson has been one of President Trump’s most consistent supporters in the upper chamber. Despite conducting a campaign that was very supportive of the MAGA agenda, Ron Johnson was re-elected as a senator of Wisconsin in 2022.

In contrast to Ron Johnson’s success in Wisconsin, Daniel Kelly fared poorly in Republican strongholds and lost most swing counties.

In 2020, some of the worst BLM and Antifa riots in the United States occurred in the Wisconsin county of Kenosha. Wisconsin’s Kenosha County scored Ron Johnson by a slim margin of 5 points in 2022. Daniel Kelly placed second in Kenosha County, Wisconsin, 8 points behind the winner.

Ron Johnson won by a 13-point margin in swing county Grant County, Wisconsin. Daniel Kelly lost Grant County, Wisconsin, by a margin of just three points.

Oconto County is well recognized as one of the most reliably Republican areas in all of Wisconsin. In 2022, Ron Johnson won Oconto County with a 71-28% margin of victory. In 2023, Daniel Kelly won by a 64-35% margin in Oconto County.

Democratic candidates for the Senate seat in Wisconsin in 2022 made the defense of abortion rights a central plank of their platforms. Democrats in Wisconsin prioritized abortion rights during the 2023 election for the state supreme court.

The fact that Daniel Kelly did not back Donald Trump or the Maga movement seems to be the defining factor between the 2022 and 2023 Wisconsin election results.