Man Mocked For Spending Thousands On Collie Costume

A Japanese man who wants to be a dog so much that he dresses as one has complained about the ridicule he receives from internet trolls.

Toco, the wannabe canine, shelled out about $15,000 for his realistic collie suit.

His fantasy finally came true after he waited 40 days for the custom costumes and cosmetics business Zeppet to finish his outfit.

Toco, who has almost 30,000 followers on YouTube, was recently shown playing on all fours in his garden and doing tricks for food. But only lately has he embarked out in public, experiencing the outdoors and meeting new people and animals.

In a viral video, he’s seen being walked on a leash. He then goes to the park, rolls about on the ground, and sniffs other dogs.

Toco has complained about being the target of cyberbullying. 

Comments on social media included someone saying they just can’t feel that this is a weird sexual thing. Another said that instead of going to therapy, some men spend up to $20,000 turning themselves into border collies.

Toco was upset by the reactions. He said he likes to play at being a collie since he wants animals and intends to keep up with his pastime. 

“It makes me happy, and it makes other people happy, too,” Toco said.

The humans and canines in the video look amused by Toco’s antics.

Toco has amassed a devoted fan base but is not yet ready to expose his genuine identity.

The dog lover said that to avoid judgment from friends and family, he’s been hiding his name and “human picture.” He said he didn’t want his workmates to know about his interests. He still doesn’t feel comfortable telling his closest friends about his passion.

Toco took his first steps outside for the first time in September in a YouTube video chronicling the event. He admitted feeling anxious and afraid.

He went outside to lay about in the grass and remarked on how nice the breeze felt on his fur.

After spending over 15 grand on its bespoke fabrication, Toco said that he now wears sandals to keep the feet and bottom of the outfit clean.  

That’s a good doggy.