Man Falls To Death While Trying To Take Selfie

According to a report citing the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, a 19-year-old man tragically died late last month after falling from a prominent Utah overlook while taking photographs.

According to a local media outlet, Jonathan Fielding worked for Grit Marketing in Orem, Utah, after relocating from Missouri around a year ago.

About 5 o’clock in the afternoon, he had a fall while hiking with his companions at the famed Moonscape Overlook in Utah, which offers a breathtaking view of Blue Valley.

A report indicates that the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has determined that Fielding’s death was accidental.

Reports show the loved ones of the 19-year-old photographer who tragically fell to his death while capturing images in a secluded Utah beauty spot had paid their respects.

A GoFundMe page was launched by Fielding’s friends of the family as a fundraiser to cover funeral costs associated with the teen’s passing. The man behind the GoFundMe, Conor Parry, was a youth leader for Fielding in Missouri.

Local reports show that Fielding’s sister Rebecca sent a heartfelt statement on Facebook in which she expressed her hope that the event would serve as a warning to hikers to exercise caution.

Her social media page showed that Jonathan felt unstoppable. He exuded an infectious sense of youth, joy, and vitality. Rebecca Fielding felt that the thought of living in this world without her brother was unsettling.

Rebecca then asked the public never to trust the ground at a cliff’s edge. Rocks and dirt seem harmless, but they’re precarious. You may die if rocks give way, lose your balance, or slip.

She pleaded with everyone to stay away from unnecessary risk. Having a breathtaking view isn’t worth the suffering that your loved ones will go through or the risk that rescue workers will encounter in order to save you.