Majority Of French Citizens Want Rioting Migrants Gone

A recent survey in France found that the vast majority of the country is in favor of stripping French citizenship from the migrants who participated in the nationwide riots earlier this month, Breitbart reported.

The survey, conducted by CNews in France, found that 73 percent of respondents want the rioters with dual citizenship to lose their French citizenship.

While young people were not particularly keen on the idea, the survey still found “wide cross-generational support,” according to CNews.

Among French people under 35, only 34 percent opposed the idea. For those 35-49, only 29 percent opposed. But only 22 percent of those over 50 oppose stripping the rioters of their French citizenship.

The riots erupted in late June after a 17-year-old Algerian migrant known only as Nahel was fatally shot by a police officer after running a red light in the Paris suburb of Nanterre.

According to the prosecutor in Nanterre, the officer said he shot Nahel out of fear that someone might get hit by his car. The officer was charged with voluntary homicide and held in custody.

By Monday, July 3, after deploying 45,000 police along with armored vehicles, the riots that began the previous Tuesday were brought under control. According to the Interior Ministry, the number of arrests on Monday dropped to just 157, bringing the total arrests to 3,200, Bloomberg reported.

The majority of those arrested were teenage migrants.

The CNews poll found that stripping French citizenship from the rioters garnered the most support among those considered right-wing, with 91 percent, while only 56 percent of those considered left-wing supported it.

Opposition to the idea was highest among those who support the socialist La France Insoumise party (55 percent) and the French green party, Europe Écologie les Verts (52 percent).