Majority Of Americans Think GOP Is Good At Protection Country And Economy

( Republicans are simply better than their Democratic counterparts in crucial areas such as the economy and national security.

That’s according to Americans who were polled by a recent survey conducted by Gallup.

People were asked which political party would do a better job of protecting America from military threats and international terrorism over the next few years. More than half of the respondents (54%) said Republicans, with only 39% saying the Democratic Party.

Participants were also asked which political party would fare better at keeping the U.S. more prosperous. Again, more people chose the GOP (50%) than they did the Democratic Party (41%).

The outstanding percentages in both of those questions choose to reply “no difference” between Republicans and Democrats.

Democrats have seen a dramatic dip in positive polling over the last year, as President Joe Biden and his administration suffer humiliating public defeat after humiliating public defeat.

They lost major ground at handling people’s most important issue (from 42% down to 31%), at keeping the U.S. secure (from 43% down to 31%) and at keeping the U.S. prosperous (down from 47% to only 35%).

Gallup reported that the 15 points between the GOP and Democrats on matters of security is the largest gap that’s been reported since 2015. As for the prosperity question, the 9 points between the two parties is also the largest since 2014.

Before Biden entered the White House, and Democrats assumed control of the Senate, in January, Republicans only had a slight edge on matters of international importance. Matters related to the economy saw the parties essentially dead even, according to public opinion.

While the GOP typically has more favorable polling for matters of national security, a 15-point gap is quite large compared to even recent years. Republicans also typically have a more favorable view by people when it comes to the economy.

Since 2010, Democrats have held the lead in that category only twice, in 2012 and then in 2020 — both years where a member of their party was voted into the White House.

But, what’s striking about the most recent results is that at half of adults in the United States believe the Republican Party is better at making sure the country is prosperous. The last time at least 50% of the total adult population in the U.S. thought that way was back in 1989.

Gallup also has a question about which party would be better at handling the most important issue facing the country at any point in time — no matter what that issue happens to be. Republicans held a slight 41% to 38% advantage over Democrats in the most recent poll, too.

That’s significant, because only a year ago, the numbers were quite different. At that time, 47% of adults said Democrats were better at handling the most important issue, compared to only 39% for the GOP.

Looks like a lot has changed in just one year, and it’s all good news for the Republican Party.