Mail-In Ballot Use Down 90% In Georgia

( Data from early primary states reveal substantial drops in the number of Americans using the mail-in ballot voting method for the 2020 election. This would indicate that voters are rejecting mail-in ballots as a means of voting.

The information was derived from a recent article published by the Associated Press, which stated that “voters in early primary states are returning in droves to in-person voting this year.”

Roughly 85,000 people in Georgia had sought postal ballots for the May 24 primary, making the state a hotspot for voter fraud throughout the 2020 election season. This was a decline of roughly 92 percent from the over 1 million voters who utilized vote-by-mail in the state’s 2020 primary election when the COVID-19 epidemic was at its peak.

According to the Associated Press, the trend was similar in Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia, which had primaries this month; comparisons were not available for Nebraska, another early primary state.

The number of votes cast by mail-in ballots looks to be very similar to the number of votes cast in 2018, which is a departure from the historically high number of votes cast via this voting method, which is infamously riddled with fraud.

According to the Associated Press, this change can be attributed to a year and a half of former President Donald Trump and his allies pushing false claims about mail voting to explain his loss to Democrat Joe Biden. The AP defended mail-in ballots as safe and branded fears about the potential for fraud associated with them as unfounded.

The Associated Press, in the year 2020, however, acknowledged that the voting mechanism had resulted in “high-profile errors”:

The statistical study of the 2020 election reveals many abnormalities and anomalies, all of which benefit the candidate who was running at the time, Joe Biden.

The rapid shift to mail-in voting was exacerbated by grants totaling hundreds of millions of dollars from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative used virtually all of its election-specific grants to ensure that Joe Biden would win the election.

These grants exacerbated the rapid shift to mail-in voting.

Covid was the cover. They will tie the decline in mail-in ballots to the “pandemic ending” and not that the cheaters feel they are being scrutinized.