MAGA Prophet Predicts Government Overthrow

In a recent video posted by Ron Filipkowski, editor-in-chief of MeidasTouch, Pastor Julie Green, a self-proclaimed prophet and staunch supporter of the MAGA movement, has made a bold prediction that the U.S. government is on the verge of being “overthrown.”

Pastor Green, known for broadcasting messages she asserts are directly from God on her Julie Green Ministries International streaming channels, has gained notoriety for her divisive prophecies. Notably, she has previously predicted the demise of Nancy Pelosi the California Democratic Representative, before the 2022 midterms and the dismissal of legal charges against ex-President Donald Trump.

In a recent video, Pastor Green delivers an emphatic message, proclaiming the dawn of a long-awaited era of renewal. She talks of an impending shift to new leadership, a realignment of power, and a transformative change from the corrupt to the virtuous in the nation. She anticipates a considerable upheaval, suggesting a near “coup will be disrupted and dismantled,” with those involved being “unmasked and dismissed.” Moreover, she hints at a transformative event in 2024 set to “free you from the bonds that restrain you.”

Pastor Green’s distinctive blend of spiritual prophecy and political discourse has made her a standout figure. She’s a regular attendee at right-wing ReAwaken America meetings, sharing platforms with influential personalities like Eric Trump and Michael Flynn. Her close ties to the Trump family were highlighted when Eric Trump featured on her program, receiving her assurances of divine safeguarding for his family.

Her declarations portray an imminent era of justice and divine involvement in American politics. Her statement she claimed that things will look worse but remember my words. This means your enemy’s days are numbered, suggests a tumultuous yet ultimately just transition.

While individuals like Ron Filipkowski view Pastor Green’s prophecies skeptically, her messages spark a mix of support, skepticism, and humor among social media audiences. Some question why divine messages would focus on the White House instead of global issues like hunger and healthcare, while others jokingly describe her prophecy as “a new coup atop the old one.”