Madison Cawthorn Says ‘Genius’ Trump Has Become ‘Like a Father’ to Him

( During an interview with the Daily Caller, Republican North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn described former President Donald Trump as being “like a father” to him.

Cawthorn said he frequently goes to Trump for foreign policy advice, adding that he loves Trump and thinks he is a genius.

He told host Brianna Lyman that, since he is only 26-years-old, Cawthorn knows he doesn’t have “a ridiculous amount of experience” in foreign policy. Fortunately, however, he can call Trump and ask him for his thoughts and the former president will give him “the whole background” on a situation.

Cawthorn also told Lyman that Trump has been very good to him and very good for the country.

When asked about a possible Trump run in 2024, Cawthorn said he believed Trump would “sweep” Joe Biden if he became the Republican nominee. At the same time, Cawthorn said he thought Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would do an incredible job.

Cawthorn said he would love it for Trump to run in 2024, then DeSantis could run four years later and serve two terms. That way, there would be “12 years of strong America First leadership.”

Madison Cawthorn became the youngest member of Congress when he was elected in 2020. With redistricting in North Carolina, he will be running in the midterms in the 13th Congressional District. However, a group of activists has launched a legal challenge to keep Cawthorn’s name off the ballot claiming he is prevented from running for office again under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which states that a person who “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” is barred from running.

It’s laughable since Cawthorn has not been charged, let alone convicted of “insurrection” or “rebellion.”

Cawthorn told the Daily Caller the legal challenge is “asinine” and “a little ridiculous,” adding he probably won’t be the only Republican hit with the absurd challenge.

Watch Cawthorn’s interview with the Daily Caller HERE.