Locals from Massachusetts Town Protest Migrant Arrivals at Shelter

As the 2024 presidential election approaches ever closer, the issue of illegal migration continues to remain a central focus for so many individuals across the United States. On June 27th, the first presidential debate was held and officiated by CNN. Over the last several years, it is currently estimated that over 8 million individuals have entered the nation illegally. The New York Post recently reported an article which alleges that the federal migration backlog will surpass 8 million individuals by the end of the calendar year 2024. The upcoming election appears likely to be between the current 46th presidential Biden and the former president Donald Trump. Both men are quite unpopular, and a massive number of American voters claim that they would rather vote for a candidate that was different than Trump or Biden. 

The debate was hotly contested. Biden often struggled  to answer questions and Donald Trump was able to successfully attack Biden and hurt him politically by honing in on his poor job performance on key issues like immigration, inflation, crime, safety and others. Bite and recently announced plans to offer mass amnesty to many illegals. At a time in which Americans are struggling to make ends meet and deal with inflation, many foreign migrants that arrive in the United States receive free health care, food, clothing and housing. Additionally, many major Urban centers have been overrun by these migrants, and places like New York City, and Chicago have become massive centers for migrant tent cities.

Presidents of the Massachusetts town of Norfolk held a major protest after migrants continued to arrive in airports in the state. The governor of Massachusetts Maura Healey recently sent officials to the southern border claiming that the state could no longer handle the mass influx of migrants in the area. Democratic policies have destroyed America’s middle class. Only time will tell what will become of the crisis as the election draws nearer.