Liz Cheney’s Money Is Flooding In From Outside Her State

( Throughout this election cycle, Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney has been relying on the support of donors who have never set foot in the state of Wyoming.

By the end of June, Liz Cheney had raked in over $13 million in campaign contributions, far outpacing her challenger Harriet Hageman. But the vast majority of that money is coming from out of state.

Over 1,100 California residents account for ten percent of the $13 million Cheney has raised. Among Cheney’s California supporters are some of Hollywood’s heaviest heavy hitters, including movie mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg, producer Kevin Bright, and director Gary Ross.

Cheney even has more donors from Colorado than she does from Wyoming. According to the Colorado Sun, Cheney has received campaign contributions from almost 400 Coloradans totaling $363,000.

Meanwhile, only around 200 Wyoming residents have coughed up cash for Cheney’s campaign, amounting to a little over $260,000 of her $13 million haul.

Harriet Hageman has outraised Pelosi’s sock puppet among Wyoming donors.

Hageman has brought in $1.2 million in campaign contributions within the state of Wyoming.

Cheney’s base of support is among the establishment elite in Northern Virginia and the two Liberal coasts.

Last week, the Hageman campaign highlighted Cheney’s true base of support by creating the website Cheney For Virginia.

The website’s main page describes the Wyoming Congresswoman as having “Virginia Roots. Virginia Values.”

Wyoming’s primary is Tuesday. The most recent poll has Hageman nearly 30 points ahead of the incumbent Cheney.

Meanwhile, Cheney is hoping there are enough registered Democrats in Wyoming who are willing to switch parties to vote for her in Tuesday’s primary.

But Republicans far outnumber Democrats in the solidly red state. Banking on Democrat voters is a hail Mary, to say the least.

Of course, if she loses her primary, Liz Cheney can use that $13 million to launch a quixotic campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024 where she can get humiliated all over again.