Liz Cheney BACKSTABS GOP In Sickening Act…

( Last week Nancy Pelosi announced her decision to form a select committee to “investigate” the three-hour melee at the Capitol on January 6. And on Wednesday, the House voted 222 to 190 to establish this select committee.

Every single Republican but two had the sense to vote against it.

And the two who sided with the Democrats are, unsurprisingly, Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Illinois anti-Trump Congressman Adam Kinzinger.

Shortly before voting with Pelosi, Liz Cheney released a statement defending her decision to side with the Democrats. Claiming that “it is right to be wary of an overly partisan inquiry,” Cheney justified her vote by saying the only remaining option to investigate this three-hour melee is to support this overly partisan inquiry.

Kinzinger echoed Cheney saying that, though he preferred the formation of an “independent” 9/11-style commission, Pelosi’s partisan select committee is better than nothing.

“We need full accounting for it,” Kinzinger said.

The resolution passed in the House will form a 13-seat select committee – eight of the seats to be filled by Nancy Pelosi and the remaining five seats filled by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

On Wednesday, House Republican leaders announced that they would oppose the creation of this select committee. Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) sent out a memo on Tuesday warning the Republican members that the panel “is likely to pursue a partisan agenda” and asking them to vote against it.

Both Cheney and Kinzinger are not ruling out the possibility of joining the select committee should they be asked.

Speaker Pelosi announced her eight picks on July 1. And rather than naming eight Democrats, Pelosi named seven Democrats and – you guessed it – Liz Cheney.

If there was any doubt that this will be exactly the partisan hit-job House Republicans expect it to be, Pelosi’s choice to have the loathsome Adam Schiff on the committee as well removes that doubt.

In addition to Schiff, Pelosi also named one of the Impeachment Managers from Trump’s second impeachment trial, Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin.

Minority Leader McCarthy told reporters he was shocked that Liz Cheney would accept Pelosi’s invite, adding “Maybe she’s closer to her [Pelosi] than to us.”

As of July 1, McCarthy had yet to assign five Republicans to the committee.