Lindsey Graham Says Democrats Should “Quit” Lying About BBB

( On-again-off-again “conservative” Senator Lindsey Graham said on Sunday that it’s time for the Democrats to “quit lying” about the extremist “Build Back Better Act” which was just rejected by moderate Democratic Senator Joe Manchin. Graham called for the House to revote on the huge social spending package which is believed to pose a risk to the economy and could further worsen the inflation crisis impacting the United States.

During an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Graham said that provisions in the bill like the electric vehicle tax credits idea would worsen inflation and hurt car manufacturers like Volvo and BMW, who have both announced plans to roll out electric vehicles.

He added that the last thing he would ever do is burden working American families in South Carolina with more expenses, and that his message to the Democrats is to “quit lying about this bill.”

“We need to stop Build Back Better before it destroys this country,” he added.

Over the weekend, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin confirmed that he could not support the legislation, also citing his concerns that spending trillions of dollars could make the inflation crisis worse. His refusal to vote with his party means that the Democrats can’t pass the legislation through the Senate with a simple majority vote using the Budget Reconciliation Process.

Last week, a report from the Congressional Budget Office said that the Build Back Better Act would increase the national deficit by a massive $3 trillion over the next ten years.

But the Democrats claim the bill is entirely paid for…