Liberal Supreme Court Justice Explodes In Rage As Conservatives Defend Justice In America

( Left-wing Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor referred to the Supreme Court’s decision to once again block the six-week abortion law in “Texas,” expressing just how committed she is to ensuring that people can access abortion even when the fetus has a heartbeat.

The Supreme Court once again refused to block the state-wide law, having agreed to review Senate Bill 8 on an expedited basis. It follows legal challenges from Joe Biden’s Justice Department as well as abortion providers in Texas, but the court has refused to stop the enforcement of the law while the legal proceedings commence.

Justice Sotomayor published a seven-page opinion on the ruling, saying that she “cannot capture the totality of this harm in these pages.”

What about the harm to the unborn children?

She claims that the excerpts on her opinion prove that the state has “thoroughly chilled the exercise of the right recognized in Roe as to nearly suspend it,” which isn’t the case. People in Texas can still access abortion, but the fetus must be under six weeks old, and must not have a heartbeat.

What’s so crazy about that?

Senate Bill 8 officially became law earlier this month, and the Supreme Court originally refused to accept an emergency challenge to the law from Texas abortion providers, which sent Democrats and left-wing activists into a frenzy.

Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor said that she agrees with the court’s decision to hear the cases, but that she believes the law should have been halted while those cases are heard. She also claimed that there are many women who currently do not know they are pregnant who will be impacted by the law when they realize, and may want an abortion.

Has nobody heard of pregnancy tests?