Liberal Host Goes After White Aggression In Racist Claim

( The taxpayer-funded PBS has released a fawning “documentary” on the career of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that praises the sputtering old crone for her fight against the “white capitalistic patriarchy.”

Produced for the PBS series “Frontline,” the 78-minute hagiography “Pelosi’s Power” was released in March. Promoted as a “gripping and unprecedented look at the life and legacy” of the stammering nitwit, the documentary features plenty of praise and precious little criticism. And what criticism it does include is quickly dismissed as the typical remarks of a bunch of misogynistic sexists who fear a powerful woman.

Plenty of leftist luminaries share their gushing praise of Pelosi, including Congressman Adam Schiff (who longs to replace her as Speaker), former Obama advisor David Axelrod, liberal newspapers columnists, and Pelosi’s daughter Christine.

Leftwing columnist Rebecca Traister gushes over Pelosi’s ability to fight “within a white capitalist patriarchy,” describing the stammering, incomprehensible Pelosi as “a tremendous threat.”

The hagiography also features several former Democrat lawmakers and staunch allies of Pelosi all of whom fall in the line to sing her praises. The only criticism permitted in the documentary comes from former Republican Majority Leader Congressman Eric Cantor and Washington Republican Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, both of whom describe Pelosi as “hyper-partisan” for her refusal to reach across the aisle and work with Republicans.

The entire documentary portrays Pelosi as the stalwart hero in a fight against a male-dominated institution and, of course, in her fight against former President Donald Trump. Her critics, the documentary claims, are just a bunch of sexists.

Where the documentary veers away from the praise, however, is when it addresses Pelosi’s conflicts with the younger, far-Left members of the so-called Squad. In that respect, the filmmaker frames Pelosi as being out of touch compared to the younger lawmakers. As an example of this, the documentary features the incident when incoming Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined a group of climate activists that invaded Pelosi’s office and staged a sit-in.