Liberal Bill Burr Goes On Vile, Profanity-Laced Rant Against Ron DeSantis

( As is usually the case when a coordinated attack of a Republican is underway, celebrities have joined the Democrat Party and the American corporate media in attacking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The latest attack came from stand-up comic Bill Burr who spent his “Monday Morning Podcast” lobbing a profanity-laced screed against DeSantis for refusing to fall in line with the Democrat/Media COVID Panic Porn narrative.

Citing DeSantis, but clearly lumping in every Republican who disobeys, Burr called them “f-king piece of sh-t politicians.” He then turned his attacks directly on DeSantis, accusing him of doing what his “fanbase” wants him to do.

Burr slammed elected officials who don’t own a microscope or scrubs for daring to “literally question doctors.”

Because apparently all doctors agree with the COVID Panic Porn narrative and one must never ever ask them questions.

Then again, in the “Believe in Science” religion, one must never question the high priests.

Of course Barr isn’t the only celebrity to hop to and burp out to Party Line attack against those who disobey.

Former action star and washed up California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger attacked all Americans who refuse to comply. Mocking Americans who do not want state-imposed COVID mandates, Schwarzenegger scoffed at the idea of freedom snapping, “Screw your freedom!”

There’s something perfectly fitting about “Screw your freedom” being spoken by a guy with a German accent.

If all of this sounds familiar, it should. These celebrity Karens are running the exact same playbook they ran in the early days of the COVID pandemic – accusing Americans of killing people for refusing to comply with state mandates while showing unvarnished scorn for America’s founding ideals of Liberty and Freedom.

And, of course, trying to secure a 2022 Democrat victory by zeroing in and smearing Republican officials like Ron DeSantis in the exact same way they smeared Donald Trump in 2020.

They will drag this out for as long as they can in hopes that, come the Midterm elections, they’ve badgered enough states to continue using the looser, less secure Pandemic election rules. The Democrats, the media, and Democrat-supporting celebrities all know that 2022 is poised to be a bloodbath for them. Stoking COVID panic porn all the way to the Midterms is the only chance they have to stop the bleeding.