Liberal Activists Threaten Supreme Court Justice’s Home

( Left-wing extremists are once again targeting Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, threatening to turn up at his home and harass his family over his decision to uphold the Constitution of the United States and dismiss a legal challenge to a new law preventing abortion after six weeks in Texas.

Why do Democrats and left-wing activist put so much effort into protesting the ability to freely kill babies in the womb?

A Facebook group from the extremist organization “ShutDownDC” explains how three years ago, “hundreds of women, femmes, and allies undertook a month of bold direct action” to stop the Senate from confirming Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court because he was an “accused sexual predator.”


“We warned what would happen,” they said.

The post continued, complaining that Kavanaugh and four other justices refused to hear a legal challenge. It did not, however, acknowledge that the reason the challenge was not heard by the Supreme Court is that the Texas legislature was well within its rights to pass the new law that restricts abortion after a baby develops a heartbeat.

The extremist group goes on to say that they had previously attended the Supreme Court, and now they are “coming to your house to tell you to keep your oppressive ideology out of our bodies.”

The post also said that they are demanding Kavanaugh resign from his position on the court which is…not likely to happen.

They did ask that people are “mindful” and “inclusive,” whatever that really means, before claiming – wrongly – that women aren’t the only people who “get pregnant and need abortions.”

Not only are they happy to terrify innocent people and families in their homes, but they’re scientifically illiterate, too!