LGBTQ Claims To Work For Democrats After Allegations Of Targeting 14-Year-Old

( An “LGBTQ+” activist recently captured on video during a child exploitation sting operation was just revealed to have previously worked for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and several other high-profile Democrats.

According to a report from The National File, far-left activist Clint Alan Goss was caught in a sting operation orchestrated by YouTuber user “CC Unit.” And, in a series of explicit text messages, Goss claimed to have worked for the House Speaker and other Democrats, including Chasten Buttigieg, the husband of failed presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, and Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee.

Color us surprised…

In the clip, Goss is accused of soliciting sexual favors from somebody online who he believed to be only 14 years old. Goss was approached by CC Unit, who was sitting outside of his home on a chair waiting for the 14-year-old to arrive.

CC Unit approached Goss and said that he was waiting to invite a 14-year-old into his home to engage in sexual activity, before informing him that he planned to call the cops.

Goss said that he didn’t understand where CC Unit was “coming from,” prompting the YouTube personality to remind him that he had graphic conversations with somebody online who he believed to be underage.

It was at this point that Goss said, “So you know I work for Nancy Pelosi, I work for Hillary Clinton?”

What a weird way to try and get out of being accused of soliciting sex from an underage person…

You can watch the disturbing clip here.

The National File confirmed the identity of the man by connecting him to a Facebook profile that matches his description, which also contains photographs of him with several high-profile Democrats.

Be sure to check out the video to see just how sick these people are…Goss repeatedly claims he was “trying to help” by engaging in the online conversations with the individual he believed to be underage, but didn’t explain what he meant by “trying to help.”