Law Enforcement Reports A “Triple Murder Suicide”

( According to accounts, a Minnesota mother who is thought to have drowned herself after reportedly killing her three children had been ridiculed after her husband passed away.

After receiving widespread media attention, the case—which detectives treat as a “triple murder-suicide”—shook the family’s Maplewood neighborhood and Hmong communities across the nation.

The incident began on July 1, just before 10:30 a.m., when Kos Lee, 27, shot himself to death following a dispute with his wife, Molly Cheng, 23.

Quadrillion, a 4-year-old boy who was one of the couple’s three children, was discovered to have drowned in the neighboring Vadnais Lake around 7:30 p.m.

Phoenix, Quadrillion’s older brother, was discovered dead on the lake just after midnight. He was five years old. After that, the search was suspended until morning.

On July 2, at about 10:40 a.m., Molly’s corpse was discovered on the lake. Estella, her only daughter, and youngest child, was found 20 minutes later.

It was determined that Lee committed suicide with a gunshot wound. Quadrillion and Estella died via suffocation and drowning, respectively. Cheng purportedly drowned herself. Phoenix’s cause of death was also ruled to be drowning.

Authorities are investigating the alleged disagreement between Kos and Molly that led to the young father of three allegedly shooting himself. In addition, they are likely to look into what happened in the family’s house before Molly allegedly contacted an uncle to discuss her claimed intention to kill herself and her children.

Since the deaths, rumors have circulated that her husband’s family victimized Molly soon after his purported suicide. Kos’ family supposedly united against the young mother on social media.

Various elements might have affected the horrific situation, including Molly’s adoption. Molly was biologically Burmese and Thai.

Tribalism may have contributed to the family tension.

Kos and Molly’s marriage had issues from the start, citing information from unnamed sources. Kos’ family supposedly didn’t like Molly, although one accusation said she was cheating on Kos.

Kos’ family allegedly used Facebook Live shortly after his passing to discuss the tragedy and tear down Molly. They reportedly called her “homewrecker,” “sl*t,” “cheater,” and “evil,” among other things.

Molly is said to have contacted an uncle to express her frustration. She apparently told him she was going to drown herself and her kids, but it’s unclear if she gave him any further information.

A social worker met with Molly and spent some time with the family after Kos passed away.

It wasn’t enough to save her.