Lauren Boebert Wears “Let’s Go Brandon” Dress

( Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert did a little double-trolling last week when she appeared in a dress with “Let’s Go Brandon” emblazoned on the back.

Boebert wore her “Let’s Go Brandon” dress while attending a function at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort last Thursday. The dress not only trolled Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Tax the Rich” gown from the Met Gala but also gave a shout-out to the now-infamous Anti-Biden phrase that has the media losing their minds.

She tweeted out a picture of herself in the dress posing with former President Trump. And like the famous photos of AOC at the Met, Boebert posed looking over her shoulder with her back to the camera.

In tweeting the picture, Boebert added “It’s not a phrase, it’s a movement.”

Naturally, the same media that gushed over Ocasio-Cortez’s hypocritical gown sputtered with indignant fury over Boebert’s bit of trolling. But that’s to be expected. Boebert wasn’t just trolling AOC; she was also trolling the media that spent last week in fits of rage over the G-rated anti-Biden expression.

And they took the bait.

A killjoy Daily Beast reporter, after calling Ocasio-Cortez’s gown “sassy,” claimed Boebert looked like a “prom villain,” and her dress “visual poison.”

The Left really is incredibly humorless.

The Daily Beast writer then claimed that not one Democrat or progressive is offended by the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon.”


Where have you been, honey?

Democrats and progressives in the media spent days clutching their pearls over the phrase. It was compared to “Sieg Heil” and an oath of fealty to ISIS. An AP reporter attempted to breach a locked cockpit aboard a plane so she could interrogate the Southwest pilot who allegedly said “Let’s Go Brandon” over the intercom.

Congressional Democrats pitched a fit after Republican Congressman Bill Posey ended a floor speech on the garbage infrastructure spending bills by saying “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Given the “We’re not owned! We’re not owned!” responses to her dress, it’s clear that Lauren Boebert’s bit of trolling hit the target.