Lauren Boebert Shares Devastating Report By National File

After the release of the Durham Report, which showed that the Deep State, the Clinton campaign, and Obama’s White House had conspired to create the fake Trump-Russia collusion hoax, Lauren Boebert posted a report from National File titled “FBI Asks Judge to Delay Seth Rich Laptop Release for 66 Years.”

Boebert asked why they would request a 66-year delay if everything was as they said

In the article released by National File, it was revealed that the FBI had obtained thousands of files from Seth Rich’s computer. The article also revealed that the FBI plans to withhold Rich’s computer’s contents for the next 66 years. If the judge denies the FBI’s request, the agency plans to produce records at a rate of 500 pages each month. Documentation alone would take about 67 years at that rate, not including the time needed to create images and other data.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has already hinted that Rich leaked documents from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to his organization. Assange has also been unyielding about the fact that WikiLeaks did not get the stolen DNC emails from the Russian government.

The release of the Durham Report on Monday provided irrefutable proof that Hillary Clinton, the Deep State, and the Obama White House conspired to create the narrative that Russia was responsible for the hacking of Hillary Clinton’s emails as a result of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to help Trump win the 2016 election.

Even while many in Congress have asked the question, “Who hacked the Democratic National Committee emails and gave them to WikiLeaks if it wasn’t Russia?” Boebert is one of the few who has dared to ask it.

Congress has asked Republican Party leader John Durham for testimony as soon as feasible. Hopefully, the person or people responsible for hacking the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) emails will come forward to the American people soon.