Lauren Boebert Faces Possible Loss In Congressional Race

( Republican Representative Lauren Boebert is teetering on the brink of being upset in her bid for re-election to the House in Colorado.

Boebert, a firebrand conservative who has been very outspoken on a number of issues including gun rights, is polling only two points ahead of a Democratic challenger who isn’t very well-known on the national stage.

According to a recent poll released by Keating Research, Boebert is receiving 47% of the support from voters in the 3rd Congressional District in Colorado, compared to 45% for Democrat Adam Frisch. The remaining 7% of voters said they were undecided as of yet.

Essentially, this means that the race could go either way, since the poll has a margin of error of 4.4 points.

Keating Research’s latest poll shows that Frisch is gaining on Boebert. The previous poll the took in July showed the freshman congresswoman with a 49% to 42% edge over her challenger.

Boebert’s biggest problem is with voters who aren’t affiliated with one of the two major political parties. The pollsters said that those voters are very much opposed to Boebert and her policies.

In her two years serving in the House of Representatives, Boebert has been very outspoken, touting rhetoric of Christian nationalists, making scathing remarks regarding both immigration and guns, and opposing many different bipartisan legislative packages.

As the November midterm election continues to get closer, the unaffiliated voters in Colorado continue to support Frisch in droves.

The founder and president of Keating Research, Chris Keating, recently commented to Axios Denver:

“With Boebert under 50%, that means she is vulnerable to losing this race.”

This poll could be really misleading, though, as many polls preceding the 2020 presidential election were. There are a few reasons for this possibility, too.

First, Colorado’s 3rd District, located on what is called the Western Slope in the state, is overwhelmingly in support of Republicans. Many national political experts, in fact, don’t even consider Boebert’s re-election bid to be competitive at all.

Second, Boebert raises a ton of money. She’s able to garner vocal and financial from people from all walks of life. She has also become a surrogate supporter, of sorts, for other GOP candidates throughout the country.

Finally, other pollsters feel that Boebert is more than safe.

FiveThirtyEight, for instance, says that Boebert has a 98% chance of actually winning re-election to serve another term in the House. And the Cook Political Report rates the congressional district as R+7, meaning that it should be very safe for the Republican Party.

What Cook Political Report did say, though, is that it’s the undecided voters who often end up breaking against incumbent candidates running for re-election. This is especially true in the case of people like Boebert, who are very well-known.

In recent months, Frisch has been turning up the heat on Boebert, attacking her heavily for some controversial comments she has mad, including a declaration recently that there shouldn’t be any separation of church and state in America.