Late Night TV Mocks New Speaker’s Faith

The New House Speaker, Mike Johnson, has been the target of leftist mockery for quoting the Bible.

On an episode of Late Night With Stephen Colbert, Colbert, who is a practicing Catholic, used his opening monologue to mock Johnson for his faith.

Colbert said that progressives shouldn’t be worried if the Bible represents the man’s perspective on any given topic. He will undoubtedly demand that the wealthy liquidate their assets and donate the proceeds to the needy. Crustaceans and barbecued pork are all off-limits for the Louisiana native as he strives for biblical fidelity. He will miss his wife when she is forced to leave town while she’s menstruating, only to be able to return when she has sacrificed two turtledoves at the Tabernacle.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) reacted to critics on the left and in the media who have attacked his Christian faith.

Since being elected speaker, Johnson has openly referenced his faith in God and declared the Bible as his worldview. In response to others who have attacked him for his religion, Johnson has said that he is unfazed by the criticism.

Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany said to Johnson that the media is not friendly to a person with a Judeo-Christian viewpoint, and a historian declared Johnson a Christian nationalist—a Christian supremacist.

Johnson said some enterprises are established to take down public figures. Successful political leaders like himself. That’s to be expected, and he’s not bothered by it. They should get to know him and see he has no intention of making Christianity the state religion. That has nothing to do with the issue at hand. The Bible commands us to be at peace with everyone.

When a far-left media outlet criticized House Speaker Mike Johnson’s personal finances and cast a harsh light on the prospect that he lived paycheck to paycheck, several Americans rushed to his defense.

The Daily Beast wondered if Johnson had a bank account. His most recent filing reportedly has no assets listed.

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz wrote that The Daily Beast is upset because @SpeakerJohnson isn’t wealthy, corrupt, or wealthy from being corrupt. He does not engage in questionable dealings and doesn’t trade stocks. “Cry more, I guess?”