Las Vegas Man Charged With Murder Sports Odd Face Tattoo

A Las Vegas, Nevada man was arrested for the murder of his girlfriend, who was discovered shot dead. The guy’s extensively tattooed face included a pair of inked horns and glasses.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrested 50-year-old James Gina III on Tuesday after receiving a report of a potentially wounded individual at a home on Golden Arrow Drive at around 2:30 p.m. Officials reported in a news statement that they discovered his girlfriend dead when they arrived.

Gina was identified as a suspect by the police, but the motivation for the murder remains unknown.

Jail records showed that he was charged on charges of murder with a weapon and gun possession by a felon. There was no bail set for the man’s release.

The Clark County Coroner’s Office is now investigating the circumstances surrounding his girlfriend’s death and determining her identification.
Gina’s mugshot has a number of distinctive tattoos, including thick eyeglass frames that draw attention to his eyes, bull horns that extend from his temples to the crown of his head, and a black mask-like tattoo that covers his cheeks and chin. Tattoos also cover the man’s lower ears and go down the back of his neck.

Officers spoke to other eyewitnesses, one of whom said he heard Gina and his girlfriend fighting before she left the house and went gambling for several hours. The woman was lying nude on the floor when he returned to find a gunshot wound in her chest.

Gina left the house again, returning the following day and saying that he murdered the woman he loved and claiming he had hidden her corpse in the attic.

According to the police report, Gina planned to use a rented automobile to transport the corpse since he wasn’t keen on employing his own vehicle once the body had begun to smell foul.