Las Vegas Cop Sentenced After Stealing From Casinos

A Las Vegas cop has been jailed for 12 years for robbing casinos. During three armed raids, Officer Caleb Rogers stole $165,000 and in one instance, used his department-issued firearm to conduct the robbery. The 35-year-old was arrested in February 2022 after a scuffle with security officers in a parking lot near the famous Las Vegas strip.

During his court appearance in October, he said he had spent months in his prison cell reflecting on what he had done and the harm he caused his family. “I do understand my mistakes, and I pray for a chance at redemption,” he said.

Rogers’s attorney Richard Pocker asked US District Judge Andrew Gordon to show leniency to the former policeman saying he suffered from gambling addiction and had had severe financial problems. Judge Gordon said he would take that into account, as well as his previously good character and the fact that he has a young son.

The Judge could have sent Rogers to prison for 22 years, but opted for a shorter time saying, “You served your community well for a time. Unfortunately, it appears your demons got the better of you.”

Rogers’ method was to approach cashier’s desks in casinos with his face and head covered and demand cash. Caught on security cameras, his unusual walk helped to confirm his identity and associate him with all three heists. During the final raid, he jumped the counter and pushed the cashier to the ground before escaping the venue and getting into a physical altercation with security officers outside.

The series of robberies took place over the space of 6 weeks, but Rogers appeared to make mistakes on his final raid by threatening to shoot people, physically assaulting staff, and brandishing his police firearm. When officers checked the serial number of his .357 caliber firearm, they found it had been checked out with Rogers at the time of the robberies, which was used as more evidence against him in court.