Lady Gaga Hit In Head During Live Concert

( During the avant-garde Lady Gaga’s concert on August 6 in Toronto, a fan captured on video the moment that someone in the audience hurled something at the singer’s head.
During Lady Gaga’s “The Chromatica Ball” tour, the singer was struck in the head by a flying item thrown by a concertgoer. The singer was performing for the audience and was in the middle of singing the words “Hold My Hand” when suddenly, a large object hit her head.

According to the footage, Gaga carried on with the performance as if nothing had happened.

A freeze-frame revealed why Gaga was unfazed. The object appears to be a fluffy teddy bear. But that doesn’t make it any less inappropriate. A performer only sees a shadowy object heading toward them. Even a teddy bear can potentially be hazardous if doctored in some way.

During Lady Gaga’s live concerts, it has become routine for audience members to throw various objects toward her. This time, the event took place in Toronto, and a fan named Jo Shelton said that Gaga completely disregarded the projectile and continued with the act. Shelton stated that there was “nothing that was going to stop her” during the song because she was “that passionately into that performance.”

According to an interview with Fox News, she behaved professionally throughout the potentially dangerous situation.

Shelton captured the moment the object made contact with Gaga’s head, and he said that the flying object somehow made it between Gaga and the front of the crowd even though an invisible barrier had been installed to protect Gaga from incidents of this nature. Shelton said that the object had somehow made contact with Gaga’s head.
According to Fox News, Shelton said, “I merely wanted to share this with other fans to prevent people from throwing objects on stage because no matter how well-intentioned you are, you can never anticipate where anything would fall when tossed.”

According to Newsweek, a fan threw something at Lady Gaga while performing on July 17 in Germany. However, the object bounced off the protective barrier and did not breach it or make personal contact with her.