Kim Jong Un’s Sister Threatens “Destruction” Of South Korean Ties

( Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, issued a warning to South Korea on Wednesday, insisting that the country is prepared to initiate the “complete destruction” of bilateral relations between the two countries. The statement comes after both South and North Korea tested their ballistic missile weapons only hours apart.

There’s no question that the South Korean military is better equipped than North Korea, but North Korea is also more unstable and more likely to deploy such dangerous weapons purely out of desperation.

The launching of ballistic missiles reveals how tensions between the two countries have once again increased, even after the historic progress made by the Trump Administration.

President Joe Biden has not yet made significant efforts to work with North Korea to relieve the tensions, and South Korean President Moon Jae-in recently made comments about the testing of a new submarine-launched ballistic missile, describing how it will work as a “sure deterrence” against further provocations from North Korea.

Is it just us, or does North Korea come across as a cornered animal, lashing out at its neighbors out of fear?

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, North Korea was forced to close its borders entirely, losing more than 99% of trade with China and suffering a major lack of food. Heavy flooding this year contributed to that food shortage and has resulted in worsening levels of poverty and starvation.

Kim Yo Jong, who holds no official position in the North Korean government but is widely considered to be her brother’s second-in-command, said that if President moon “joins in the slander and detraction” against North Korea then it will be “followed by counteractions” and the relations between the two countries “will be pushed toward a complete destruction…we don’t want that.”

North Korea’s recent cruise missile test is the first known test to have taken place in six months, and indicates that the country is still prepared to use military threats to force the rest of the world to cooperate with the isolationist dictatorship.