Kim Jong Un’s Sister Says War Might End With South Korea

( Kim Yo Jong, the powerful sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, has revealed that the country is willing to end the war with South Korea…so long as a number of pretty major conditions are met.

Despite holding no official position in the North Korean government or ruling party, Kim Yo Jong responded to a new call from South Korea to declare an end to the Korean War. The South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, publicly called for the two Korean countries, along with their respective allies, to formally declare an end to the war and bring peace to the region.

That would require the United States, South Korea’s ally, to work with China, an ally of North Korea, to also declare peace.

Kim Yo Jong said that it was an “admirable” idea but that it is only possible if the “double-dealing attitudes” and “illogical prejudice” from South Korea and the United States comes to an end.

And in true communist style, North Korea said that the United States and South Korea must also stop faulting North Korea’s “just exercise of the right to self-defence.”

“Only when such a precondition is met would it be possible to sit face to face and declare the significant termination of war,” Kim continued.

Earlier in September, South Korea tested its first-ever submarine-launched ballistic missile – but the decision was made to launch the missile hours after North Korea tested its own weapon.

Since former President Donald Trump left office, North Korea restarted its nuclear weapons program and has been launching test missiles fairly regularly.

North Korea recently criticized South Korean military drills in the region, too, claiming they were a provocation.

Only time will tell whether President Joe Biden is willing to go to the lengths former President Donald Trump did to secure peace in the region.