Kim Jong Un Visits Location Making Dangerous North Korean Weapons

( North Korean communist dictator Kim Jong Un has reportedly paid a visit to a site that is believed to be home to the manufacturing base of a “major weapon.” The news comes off the back of several reported test flights of ballistic missiles by the country’s military.

On Thursday, the Korean Central News Agency – North Korea’s state-controlled news agency – published a report with images showing Kim inspecting a munitions factory “producing a major weapon system.”

The factory location was undisclosed.

Among those in attendance at the plant were Jo Yong Won, the Organizational Affairs Secretary for the Korean Workers’ Party Central Committee, as well as Central Committee Vice Department directors Kim Jong Sik and Kim Yo Jong, the latter of whom is Kim Jong Un’s sister.

Officials from the Academy of Defense Science were also in attendance, and according to the news agency’s reports, the new factory “holds a very important position and duty in modernizing the country’s armed forces and realizing the national defense development strategy.”

With a recently renewed friendship pact with the Chinese Communist Party, and after order from Kim Jong Un to his nation’s military and science sectors to ramp up their military prowess and capabilities, it’s clear that Kim is manufacturing a greater defense system to protect against intervention from Western nations.

Now is the perfect time, too, with President Joe Biden in power and seemingly unable to bring North Korea back to the negotiating table.

Kim could be seen walking through the factory wearing a long leather jacket and looking noticeably slimmer than he has in recent years.

Over the past month, at least 10 missiles have been launched, with the most recent taking place on Wednesday. United States Indo-Pacific Command said that they are “aware of the ballistic missile launches and are consulting closely with our allies and partners.”

“The U.S. commitment to the defense of the Republic of Korea and Japan remains ironclad,” the statement continued.