Kim Jong Un Says He Will Launch Nuclear Missiles If Needed

( In a speech during a parade marking the 90th-anniversary of the North Korean army, NoKo’s squat little dictator Kim Jong-un vowed to speed up his nuclear program and threatened the use of nuclear weapons against any forces that attempt to invade his country.

Kim told the crowds gathered for the parade in Pyongyang that the country would “take measures” to further develop its nuclear arsenal “at the fastest possible speed.” He warned that North Korea may use its nuclear weapons preemptively if threatened, calling for his nuclear forces to be prepared to go “in motion at any time.”

While Kim said the “fundamental mission” of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal “is to deter a war,” he warned that its nuclear arsenal won’t be limited to “the single mission of war deterrent.” He said if any “forces” would attempt to invade North Korea, those nuclear weapons would have an “unexpected second mission” that would leave the invaders dead.

Last Monday’s parade featured thousands of North Korean troops along with some of the country’s most powerful ballistic missiles, some of which could reach well within the continental United States.

In March, North Korea claimed that it successfully test-fired its newest and largest intercontinental ballistic missile, the Hwasong-17. However, South Korean officials concluded the launch was for the smaller Hwasong-15. The South Koreans said the attempted test-fire of the Hwasong-17 failed.

Nuclear talks between the United States and North Korea have remained stalled since 2019 due to disagreements over the possible easing of sanctions in exchange for North Korea taking steps toward nuclear disarmament.

Despite international pressure, Kim has refused to surrender his nuclear arsenal. Since the start of the year, North Korea has conducted thirteen weapons tests. In what is possibly preparation for detonating a nuclear device, it is also believed that North Korea is rebuilding tunnels at a nuclear testing site that has not been used since 2017.

That year, Pyongyang claimed it had acquired the ability to launch nuclear strikes on the US mainland. However, the country halted testing shortly before it entered diplomatic talks with the Trump administration.