Kim Jong Un Regime Claims North Korean Leader Invented The Burrito As Propaganda Spirals Out Of Control

( North Korean state media recently claimed the late Kim Jong Il, father of the current corpulent leader Kim Jong Un, invented the burrito.

The Pyongyang state-run news outlet Rodong Sinmun said Kim Jong Il, shortly before he suffered the heart attack that killed him in 2011, came up with the idea of putting food into a wheat wrap.

Rodong Sinmum also claimed his son Kim Jong Un has taken a “meticulous interest” in the delicacy his late father created, and the people under his thumb can’t get enough of them.

The state-run Pen News released propaganda footage of a burrito vendor selling the Kim Jong Il-created food outside the Kumsong Food Factory, showing trays overflowing with such burrito staples as cabbage and carrots. The footage also includes a mural of a broadly grinning Kim Jong Il standing in a kitchen where his burritos were being prepared.

While claiming to have invented the burrito isn’t as brazen a lie and Al Gore’s claim he invented the internet, it does seem rather tone-deaf to play up an abundance of food in a country where half the people are starving because of food shortages.

Most people can’t get their hands on the basic staples, so the likelihood any of them are writing up a list of ingredients for the Kim Jong Il Burrito is highly unlikely.

One former North Korean who fled to freedom in 2014 told the UK Sun that he never in his life saw burritos or even the wheat wraps to make them anywhere on sale in North Korea. Hyun-seung Lee said the majority of North Korean citizens can’t afford to buy foreign food, and even if they could afford it, the ingredients just aren’t available to them.

Nobody knows precisely where or when the burrito was invented. But it wasn’t in 2011 by Kim Jong Il.

The earliest known mention of the burrito appears in an 1895 Mexican dictionary which defines it as a regional food from the state of Guanajuato.

That’s Guanajuato, Mexico, by the way, not Guanajuato, North Korea.