Kim Jong Un Asks For Luxury Items To Be Allowed Into His Country For Top Government Officials

( While the North Korean people suffer from crippling food shortages, Kim Jong Un has other priorities. Apparently the corpulent dictator who enjoys the finer things in life has asked Washington to lift the “crippling” sanctions on luxury items like booze and fancy duds.

The head of South Korea’s National Intelligence Service, Park Jie-won said that Pyongyang refuses to restart any denuclearization talks with the US unless the sanctions on these luxury items are lifted by Washington – specifically North Korean officials asked that the US allow mineral exports and imports of refined oil along with “necessities.”

When Park asked what the “necessities” included, he was told “high class liquors and suits.” But it isn’t just for Kim Jong Un’s personal enjoyment. No sir. It is for all of “Pyongyang’s elite.”

It’s as if North Korea is going out of its way to be a movie stereotype of a communist regime – where the powerful enjoy the finer things in life as the people they rule starve to death.

While the State Department maintains that they are prepared to meet with North Korea “anytime, anywhere, without preconditions,” the US has shown no interest in easing sanctions ahead of any nuclear talks. Secretary of State Antony Blinken planned to urge Southeast Asian nations to fully implement sanctions on North Korea.

This request for wine and suits comes on the heels of reports that Kim Jong Un executed the major general in charge of logistics after he criticized Kim’s order to supply food for the starving people.

Between the sanctions, the COVID pandemic and recent flooding, food supplies in North Korea are running out. So Kim ordered the military stores of rice be released for distribution to the public.

The unfortunate major general made the mistake of indiscreetly complaining about the order, calling it “unrealistic” and “ignorant of reality.” He was promptly court martialed and shot on July 18.

Earlier in July, Kim Jong Un purged dozens of officials for their “disastrous failings” in dealing with the country’s worsening famine. One of those purged was a member of the top-standing committee of the North Korean politburo – which includes only five members, one of whom is Kim Jong Un himself.

No doubt that guy won’t be getting any fancy suits or expensive wines.