Kickstarter Shuts Down Artist

The crowdfunding platform Kickstarter recently halted a funded project for an illustrated novel titled “The Wise Heart” centered around “defying transgenderism.”

The author, Hans G. Schantz, expressed that Kickstarter initially approved and reviewed his comic but was suspended from the platform after achieving total funding. 

The project’s crowdfunding goal of $3,000 was met, and Schantz later increased it to $6,000 before the May 31 deadline. However, Kickstarter terminated the campaign, citing a violation of their community rules.

“The Wise Heart” depicts the journey of a biology teacher incarcerated for challenging transgenderism and endures a media attention-grabbing high-profile courtroom drama. 

Schantz received a “generic note” from Kickstarter’s Trust and Safety team, informing him that his project would no longer receive promotion. Pledges made by backers of the campaign will not be charged.

Kickstarter told Schantz that violations were identified following a complete and thorough assessment of their project. These encompass inappropriate content, such as explicit or pornographic material, and content that promotes hatred or offends, contradicting Kickstarter’s dedication to inclusivity by fostering discrimination, bigotry, or intolerance against the growing attacks on many marginal minority groups.

The company’s Trust and Safety department stated they could not provide additional details beyond the information mentioned in the message.

Schantz criticized Kickstarter for not adhering to its standards of inclusivity.

Schantz expressed disappointment that Kickstarter lacks the necessary diversity and inclusiveness to allow for an unbiased examination of the scientific and political aspects of transgenderism as presented within the framework of a courtroom drama. 

Schantz shared this comment on Substack.

He continued, “Based on my understanding, they received a complaint, but I was not given any details about its content. They proceeded to take action without seeking my input or providing me with the opportunity to confront my accusers or even learn the nature of the accusation. 

The project was nearing completion and had already received all of its funding before Kickstarter was notified. Schantz, he would not receive his funding. 

It highlights the need for creators to choose platforms more deserving of their trust.”

Following his removal from Kickstarter, Schantz transferred his campaign to an alternative crowdfunding platform called Fund My Comic to secure funding for his project.