Kevin McCarthy Sets Record With Speech To Lead Republicans Against Democrats

( Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy did all that he could on Friday to stop the extremist Build Back Better Act, which was passed in the House of Representatives.

McCarthy set a new record, giving a speech for more than eight hours, in what was ultimately a futile effort to stop the legislation from passing. The new legislation sets aside a massive $1.7 trillion for various social spending projects.

Republicans unanimously rejected the legislation when it was put to a vote on Friday morning, and even Democratic Rep. Jared Golden voted against it.

The new legislation will massively expand social welfare programs in the country and set aside large sums of money and resources for new anti-climate change plans. The Congressional Budget Office also criticized that plan, explaining how it will add $750 billion to the deficit over a period of five years.

At a time when Americans are being forced to pay more for gas, food, and other necessities, do the Democrats really think it’s a good idea to cause more economic damage?

In opposition to the controversial legislation, McCarthy spoke for eight hours and 42 minutes, finishing his marathon speech at 5:11am EST.

He broke a record previously set by far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and throughout the speech he was heckled by Democrats who grew increasingly frustrated at his efforts to stop the bill from passing.

You can watch the speech here:

That’s dedication.