Kevin McCarthy Sets Popularity Record In House  

( A Rasmussen poll shows that voter approval for Congress has hit a 15-year high, according to The Post Millennial. The survey, conducted over the telephone and online, found that 28% of those likely to vote viewed Congress in a good or excellent light, marking a 25% increase from December.  

The majority of likely U.S. votes did not agree, however. 39% of voters thought that Congress was doing a poor job, but that number is down 45% from December and is the lowest it has been since March 2007. While the confidence in Congress remains on the low end, more voters now view their representatives as the “best possible person for the job.”  

40% believed that their representative was the best person contrasted with 39% who disagreed and 21% who were not sure. But the positive rating represents an increase of 30% since April 2022 when Congress was viewed negatively by Independents.  

But the answers are starkly different when breaking the 1,000 voters up by party. It was a majority of Democrats (51%) who believed their representative was the best person for the job, whereas only 36% of Republicans said the same. Democrats (44%) were also more likely than Republicans (21%) to give Congress a more favorable rating.  

Poor congressional ratings predominantly come from Republicans. Other differences in answers could be further categorized by age, race, and college education. Younger voters under the age of 50 were more likely (55%) to give Congress a good rating, whereas 17% of those above 40 and 14% above 65 had the opposite view.  

White people (26%) were also trailing behind blacks (34%) and other minorities (29%) when it came to their approval of Congress. Those who graduated from college, presumably in the age range under 40, rated Congress as good or excellent.  

The most even groups were between men (26%) and women (29%), both being just about even when it came to their good or excellent ratings