Kevin Hart Says Cancel Culture Is Out Of Control

( Kevin Hart, the popular comedian, producer, and actor, said during an interview with the Sunday Times that he doesn’t support cancel culture. And he wasn’t exactly shy about it.

Hart said that when someone has done something “truly damaging” then they should absolutely face the consequences, but for people who talk “nonsense,” he doesn’t support it.

Responding to far-left activists who insist on “taking down” anyone they disagree with, he said, “Shut the f*ck up! What are you talking about?”

For a Hollywood actor to say this, let alone a Black Hollywood actor, it must be a pretty brutal blow to the far left.

Incredibly, it’s not the first time that Hart has stood up to the radicals. In December 2018, Hart stepped down from his role as host of the Oscars after old tweets were exposed that showed him making jokes with “homophobic” terms.

This time around, far-left activists went after Hart for opposing cancel culture, to which he responded, “I have been the highest-grossing comedian in entertainment for years now.”

It’s true. It turns out that people don’t find woke “comedians” funny.

During his Sunday Times interview, he recalled the huge backlash he faced for his old tweets, and then responded to the new backlash in a series of fresh tweets.

He described how the “hate” and “slander” fuels him to do more with his comedic work, and that the “he’s not funny” slander is “the best.”

Hart also encouraged his fans to stop believing every headline and reading the articles, instead of falling for the “banana in the tail pipe” trick each time.

If more comedians and entertainers could stand up to the woke left in Hollywood like Kevin Hart, then perhaps the industry will start to remember that the vast majority of their audience doesn’t support the woke agenda and never has…