Kellyanne Conway Says Her Husband Was “Cheating By Tweeting” While She Worked For Trump

( There are many methods to cheat on a significant other in the digital world we live in.

The latest to be added to the list is “cheating via tweeting.” That is when your spouse furiously tweets your boss, according to former White House Press Secretary Kellyanne Conway.

Conway’s memoir, Here’s the Deal, will be released on May 24 by Simon & Schuster, joining a growing list of Donald Trump White House employees who have lately released books.

Conway dug very deep into her marriage with lawyer and pundit George Conway. This relationship has already been relatively public owing to the former’s past position in the White House and her husband’s very vocal dislike of Trump.

During Kellyanne Conway’s time working in Trump’s administration, from 2017 to 2020, Mr. Conway was allegedly breaching his marital vows through his developing addiction to criticizing Trump.

In the passage, Conway alleges that her husband’s tweets were spurred by her being in Washington, D.C., while he remained alone in their New Jersey home. Conway claims she couldn’t compete with his Trump tweets, which she likened to a new fling in place of her.

She said George was spending his days at the firm in New York, where he had willingly switched from merely a partner to an of-counsel role, and his nights at our home in Alpine, New Jersey, 240 miles from Washington, D.C.

Conway says that the figures do not lie. His tweets were more frequent and nasty throughout this period. He was clearly cheating by tweeting. She was having trouble keeping up with his new fling.

Conway said that their “cheating through tweeting” was a violation of their marital vows.

“His daily downpour of insults-by-tweet against my boss — or, as he described it occasionally, ‘the folks in the White House’ — broke our marital vows to ‘love, honor, and cherish each other.”

Conway went on to add that her husband found the media attention he received as a “Never Trumper” “irresistible,” even though she disagreed with his public criticism of the government in which she played a vital and visible role.

Conway claimed she had encouragement from Ivanka Trump, the president’s eldest daughter, who suggested couples therapy for the two, though the Conways never went.

Donald Trump referred to his former press secretary’s spouse as a “total loser.” He described Conway as a “very ill man” who has been “destroyed” by his wife.

Trump said, cheekily, that he’s not sure what Kellyanne did to him, but it had to be terrible. She has utterly demolished this guy; his mind is entirely shot.

Trump obviously resides rent-free inside George Conway’s troubled mind.