Karl Rove Reveals What The Border Crisis Will Mean For Democrats

(FreedomBeacon.com)- On May 23, President Joe Biden and his administration plan to end enforcement of Title 42.

Title 42 allows the Department of Homeland Security to quickly expel illegal migrants encountered at our southern border due to “communicable diseases” threats. The pandemic warranted such a measure, so the Trump administration’s CDC initially ordered its implementation.

The Biden administration has drastically cut back ICE enforcement in the interior and refused to follow a court order to implement Migrant Protection Protocols. DHS encountered more migrants at our southern border than in any other year in their history. As the world geopolitical situation worsens, the numbers are getting even worse. With Title 42 terminated, virtually all illegal migrants would be released into the United States.

Congress must step up and do everything in its power to prevent this. We have the tools to do so in the House, with or without Speaker Pelosi’s consent. With Title 42 terminated, virtually all illegal migrants would be released into the United States. The Trump administration used Title 42 to turn away more than 80 percent of illegal migrants.

Removing Title 42 would not be the first time this administration has jeopardized our sovereignty and security at the southern border, but it would be the most serious. What, if anything, will be left for border security in our country? More overflowing borders, more powerful cartels, more women and children exploited, more property destruction, more dead migrants and Americans, and a less secure United States. If this administration’s track record is any guide, it will be more of the same but worse.

How can this be a winner at the polls in 2022 and 2024?

According to Fox News contributor Karl Rove, President Biden’s handling of the migrant issue at the southern border will have significant ramifications for Democrats in November’s midterm elections.

Rove says in March of last year, the president’s approval rating for his handling of immigration was 40%. It is now 32 percent. And if we see 18,000 individuals crossing the border every day, those numbers will plummet much more. Jen Psaki stated that the federal government, not the states, is responsible for enforcing immigration laws. So, when will the federal government implement the legislation?

Every week, Rove explains, Texas spends millions of dollars to cover the holes on the border that the Border Patrol publicly admits they lack the resources, technology, and personnel to man. The country is in a critical situation.

As she prepares to depart for cable TV news, Jen Psaki describes the White House’s casual attitude as follows: “We’re the ones in command. Don’t be concerned. We took care of it.”

They don’t have it under control, according to Rove.

“It will haunt them during the election,” concluded Rove.