Kari Lake Takes Her Case To State Supreme Court 

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Kari Lake, a former Arizona governor candidate on the Republican ticket, submitted her lawsuit challenging the legality of the election before the Supreme Court of Arizona on Wednesday. 

After having her case rejected at both the trial and appellate levels for lack of evidence, Lake has filed an appeal with the Arizona Supreme Court in the hopes that it would overturn the results of the 2022 gubernatorial election. 

In their appeal, Lake and her legal team claimed that the appellate court’s decision practically said, “Arizona election rules don’t matter.” In addition, they said, if allowed to stand, the opinion would make ordinary the kind of governmental hubris represented by Maricopa’s blaming of Republicans for voting on Election Day. (This was about Maricopa County’s claim that Republicans were to blame for voting on Election Day instead of early.) 

Lake’s lawyers said that public confidence in elections is at an all-time low and that decisions like those outlined “only serve to weaken that trust further.” 

They said that the Legislature did not intend for election officials to have this degree of insulation. They contend that “the indisputable evidence, together with the legal infractions, demonstrates that the results of the Maricopa election from 2022 must be thrown out. It is necessary to rebuild trust.” 

Later, Lake and her legal team filed an appeal to the Supreme Court, requesting that the court “allow a review to address this evident mistake.” 

On January 24, Lake petitioned the Court of Appeals to send the matter to the Supreme Court; however, the following day, the application was denied. The prior court’s ruling on February 16 that Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs had won Arizona’s gubernatorial race was affirmed by the Superior Court. 

Lake has been unwavering in his belief that “there was malign intent that caused disruption that was so significant it altered the result of the election” even after he lost the November race for governor. 

Her lawsuit centers on charges that tabulator equipment used in Maricopa County on election day was flawed and that whistleblowers identified inconsistencies in the chain of custody of votes.