Kari Lake: “I’m Going To Win”

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Kari Lake said on Wednesday that she was just interested in continuing to pursue her election case, playing off rumors that she was eyeing a bid for the Senate.

Lake is a darling of the MAGA movement due to her feisty demeanor, love of country and the constitution, and allegiance with Trump.

Trump-backed Lake was defeated in her bid to become governor of Arizona in an election fraught with oddities and statistical anomalies. She filed a lawsuit questioning the outcome, citing errors with the printer and differences in how voters were sent to various polling places.

On Wednesday, Lake was visiting a posh resort supporting Harmeet Dhillon’s effort to remove Ronna McDaniel as chairperson of the Republican National Committee. Lake said, “we have a very great movement,” channeling the words often used by Trump.

She told reporters during the Republican National Committee winter conference held at the opulent Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach hotel in California, “I’m going to win this.”

Lake said most call it “grassroots,” but she calls it the “mom and father bears.”

She said, ”we have an opportunity to take that energy and move it to the Republican Party and take the country.”

“We’re all willing to do that. We need a change to make that happen,” said Lake.

Senator Kyrsten Sinema comes up for reelection next year, and reporters couldn’t help but ask if she intended to compete for the Senate seat.

Lake said that her sole mission was to keep battling to reverse the election results from last November. She will pursue every available option to put a stop to election fraud in Arizona.

She said, “They cheated in the elections in Arizona, and they have been cheating for a very long time,” and she will see that they never do it again.

Lake said election day was “sabotaged,” and the right to vote and our voice was taken away.

The Arizona Republic discovered that around 33,000 voters in Maricopa County supposedly voted for every Republican on the ballots except Lake. Enough voters to elect Hobbs switched parties, but only for the Gubernatorial vote.

Judge Peter Thompson dismissed Lake’s fraud claim and said there was insufficient proof of wrongdoing.

She appealed that judgment.