Kamala Harris Tests IRS Rule Barring Churches From Engaging Politically

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Vice President is doing her very best to help the Democrats win in the November 2 off-year gubernatorial race, and it appears as though she’s also testing how effective she might be in rallying voters to turn out in the 2022 midterm elections.

As part of her effort to help Democratic former Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, win the Virginia race this year, she has filmed a special video designed to be played in Black churches.

The problem? It’s not really allowed.

The video features Kamala Harris talking about her experience in the church as a youngster, and the video is focused on attracting the Black vote. It is expected to be played in 300 Black churches before the November 2 election, and the video has already received millions of views online.

Take a look:

In the video, she calls McAuliffe her friend and claimed that he is the leader Virginia needs at this moment. She encouraged people to go and vote right after today’s service, “and if you cannot vote today, make a plan to go vote. Go to iwillvote.com”

Here’s the problem.

Under the Johnson Amendment, 501(c)(3) organizations like churches are not allowed to engage in any political campaign activity. But if Black churches are playing the video during service, then they are blatantly breaking those rules.

Jonathan Turley, the Shapiro Professor of public interest law at the George Washington University Law School, told The Washington Examiner that the White House may try and get around this by effectively blaming the churches, saying that they violated the rule only if they played it in prohibited areas.

“That assumes that this was not created for that purpose, but it would effectively throw the churches under the bus,” he said.

It’s unclear, however, how Harris can claim she didn’t break the rules or didn’t intend for the video to be played in the church. She literally says in the video that people should go out and vote right after today’s service.

So not only is Kamala Harris apparently willing to break the rules to get people to turn out for a Democrat, but she’s also willing to throw Black churches under the bus to get what she wants.

Real classy.