Kamala Harris Suggests Only Blacks Should Get Led Pipes Replaced

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Vice President Kamala Harris has been sent out on the road to promote the $1.2 trillion “bipartisan” Infrastructure boondoggle. And from the looks of things, the Biden administration plans to try the same kind of racialist claptrap with infrastructure spending as they did for the “American Rescue Plan” last year — namely, give priority to “minority communities” in the name of “Equity.”

On Monday, Kamala took her “Infrastructure Equity” show on the road to Milwaukee where she visited with workers replacing lead pipes. And during her staged campaign stop, Kamala decried the “inequitable infrastructure development and disinvestment” that has caused “communities of color” to be exposed to lead in pipes and paint. This is “unacceptable,” said the race-baiting Kamala.

So according to the hapless Veep, the Biden administration has made it a goal to right the wrong of “infrastructure inequality” by prioritizing “communities of color” in infrastructure spending.

Getting rid of lead pipes is a good thing. This is exactly the kind of infrastructure that should be updated. But to claim that lead pipes are a sign of systemic racism and “infrastructure inequality” is needlessly divisive and counterproductive.

Not everything has to be broken down by race.

But the Biden administration committed to this racially divisive tactic on Day One, and now there’s no turning back. Everything has to be viewed through race-colored glasses. Nothing will be spared.

They did the same thing with COVID relief by prioritizing “businesses of color” and “farmers of color.” Their FDA is even prioritizing “people of color” in determining who receives scarce COVID treatments. So of course they’re using race to promote this infrastructure spending. It’s all they have: divide, divide, divide.

There’s a reason why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are so deeply unpopular.

When your entire administration is more concerned about racial bean-counting than solving actual problems, it’s bound to put people off.